Air Mac HVAC Service is known in the Mechanical Engineering profession as one of the most reliant Service Providers in the Built Industry.

We have competent teams who are qualified in Planning and Executing a project from Design to Close-out.

Design is one of the most important segments of a Development as a well-planned building, which includes the Electrical, Plumbing, Structural and Mechanical designs will determine the cost effectiveness of the building.

It is well said and done to design “cost effectively”  whilst the end user is going to end up with high maintenance costs once the building is operational.

Therefore, is it important that we work closely with the Architect and the Engineers to find  solutions beneficial to the long term use of the building.

Once the design is approved will we in conjunction with the Mechanical Engineer and the Quantity Surveyor produce a Cost Estimate which does not only cover the cost of the material but also cost of resources.   We will also have a Timeline of Deliverables which will be indicative to the overall Timelines of disciplines following on our installation.

Often the Commissioning Period is omitted when the Timelines are determined.  This may have major implications on large scale developments, as the correct commissioning of the electrical and mechanical systems will determine the quality and lifetime of an installation.

We have qualified, enthusiastic teams enjoying their profession whilst delivering excellent workmanship in the shortest time frames.  They are keeping up to date with new developments and equipment which ensures quality, cost effective installations.