We are supporting all Brands of Equipment. However, we are preferred installers of the following Brands:


Innovation is in the Air

Inspiration is all around you
when you design systems with the environment in mind. When Carrier set out to
develop a more sustainable refrigerant, they looked at the atmosphere – and
found carbon dioxide. CO2 is affordable, naturally occurring and
available. With buildings accounting for 40 percent of all energy consumption
worldwide, the drive to create more efficient and sustainable buildings has
never been greater. Guided by the core company values of responsibility and
environmental stewardship, Carrier is focused on developing sustainable
building solutions to provide greater energy efficiency and environmental
benefits to customers around the world.


Home Air Conditioning

With Daikin residential air conditioning systems, you have
control of your indoor environment.  From
heating and cooling to humidifying and ventilation, our full product range
utilizes our unique heat pump and inverter technologies to maintain the proper
balance of temperature, fresh air, and humidity for each living space all year


Home Comfort All Year Long

Widely-known for its high-functioning, visually-appealing
electronics LG does it a gain with its HVAC equipment.  We carry a full catalogue of LG heating and
cooling products to meet your residential and commercial needs.

No matter how perfectly designed the home, if the temperature inside is too hot or too cold, too damp or too dry, it can be difficult to enjoy it. There’s an easy fix for those seasonal weather problems. Home air conditioning units can be built into the wall of your home with a little extra construction work, or they can be mounted securely into the space of a window. Air conditioners are
available in different sizes and a variety of uses, so we can help you find the
perfect unit for a single office, or a solution for the whole house.

Different AC’s are powered to accommodate different sized rooms. Room air conditioners are rated using BTU s, or British Thermal Units, which indicate the amount of heat energy required to adjust the temperature or the moisture in the air, either lowering or raising it, adding or removing moisture, depending on the unit. The space size you’re working with dictates how much energy will be required. For instance, the lower the BTU number on an air conditioning unit, the smaller the room size it can cool.


Samsung is known to be one of the leaders in Air conditioning Systems.

Fast cooling mode cools the room 16% faster than General
mode by running the compressor at maximum level with the fastest fan speed for
30 minutes. 

An energy-efficient digital Inverter with a SEER 10.1 rating
maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on. This
results in less energy consumption and remains at the desired temperature for a
longer period.

The 3 care filter helps keeping the air fresh and the inside
of the unit clean. As well as capturing dust, its unique coating may eliminate
up to 99% of certain kinds if viruses, bacteria and allergens as they pass
through its dense filter mesh.

The Samsung Air Conditioner begins cooling the air fast
using its Fast Cool mode. It then automatically changes to Comfort Cool mode to
maintain the desired temperature which refrains the system from changing the

Samsung Units keep going in the most challenging
environments with Triple Protector Plus technology. It prevents overloads,
without a separate voltage stabilizer has an anti-corrosive coating and can
endure extreme heat.

Good Sleep mode creates the desirable climate for a good
night’s sleep.  With its temperature
control and moisture adjustment it may help you feel comfortable during your

It is never complicated to shop for the correct Air Conditioning System when you are in the capable care of Michael and his team of Air Mac HVAC Services.