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Innovation is in the Air

Inspiration is all around you when you design systems with the environment in mind.  When Carrier set out to develop a more sustainable refrigerant, they looked at the atmosphere – and found carbon dioxide. CO2 is affordable, naturally occurring and available.  With buildings accounting for 40 percent of all energy consumption worldwide, the drive to create  more efficient and sustainable buildings has never been  greater.





Home Air Conditioning

With Daikin residential air conditioning systems, you have control of your indoor environment. From heating and cooling to humidifying and ventilation, our full product range utilizes our unique heat pump and inverter technologies to maintain the proper balance of temperature, fresh air, and humidity for each living space all year round.

Samsung is known to be one of the leaders in Air Conditioning Systems.

Fast cooling mode cools the room 16% faster than General mode by running the compressor at maximum level with the fastest fan speed for 30 minutes. An energy efficient digital Inverter with a SEER 10.1 rating maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on. This results in less energy consumption and remains at the desired temperature for a longer period.

Home Comfort All Year Long

Widely known for its high functioning, visually appealing electronics LG does it again with its HVAC equipment. We carry a full catalogue of LG heating and
cooling products to meet your residential and commercial needs. No matter how perfectly designed the home, if the temperature inside is too hot or too cold, too damp or too dry, it can be difficult to enjoy it.